Who is an adjunct faculty?

 An adjunct faculty is a contractual or part-time instructor, who teaches courses like full-time professors, only that they do not belong to a tenure track. Also, adjunct faculty are exempt from most of the administrative responsibilities of full-time university professors.

Why do colleges and universities need adjunct Faculty?

With the rapid increase in college enrollment, educational institutions across the globe are recruiting adjunct faculty to fit into their budgets and to accommodate an optimal number of students per class and provide quality education. 

Colleges that are currently hiring adjunct faculty

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Aspiring to become an adjunct faculty?

Here is how we can help you!

Identify potential college to work at - Our services help you to identify potential online colleges that you can work for and we also provide a crash training that will be helpful for you to succeed in an online environment. Our academic coaches have experience teaching online and provide you tips on best practices. 

Get started by telling us more about your academic’s credentials! This will help us channel you towards the right teaching opportunities


Please upload your resume here, our coaches will start applying for job openings based on your degree and specialization. Once you get shortlisted, the interviews most often happen online via Skype, WebEx, zoom etc. Our commitment is to make sure that we keep applying for positions that suit your profile.

Are you already an adjunct faculty?

If you are already working as an online adjunct even better, we help you find more teaching opportunities to ensure you stay busy.

What is the eligibility criteria to become an adjunct faculty?

A Master’s degree gives you a better chance of getting hired, the goal is to have a Doctorate.

Here is an overview of how the process works:

Adjunct professors are hired by universities and colleges on a contractual or part-time basis. Once you get hired, you will be required to complete the online training. Courses are assigned after the successful completion of this online training. You are expected to meet the teaching requirements set by the university which includes active participation, responding to student emails in a timely manner, posting grades. You can also register for our training sessions to know more about the requirements.

Here is how we can help you get trained for the online learning environment?

For more information please contact us. Our Adjunct faculty training course will help you prepare for the interview and will also ensure that you know the best practices to follow in an online course even before you are hired. This is an added advantage. It is your chance to make an impact as an adjunct.

Click here to register for our Adjunct faculty training free course.