Web services are modular, self-contained, distributed, and dynamic applications that are available over the internet. Web services are built on open standards such as HTML, TCP/IP, XML, and Java. They are used by devices to communicate over the internet. It facilitates the communication between machines over a network.

VA Techies offers many web services as listed below:

Web Designing

Web design involves planning, arranging, creating, and updating websites. Apart from making websites aesthetically pleasing, it also involves website structure, navigation ergonomics, layout, contrasts, color, and user interface. It is used to provide a layout for websites such that usability of the website is simplified and users can find the information they need in the least amount of time.

VA Techies has a team of experts that use to create web design solutions for clients.

Web Hosting/ Maintenance

Web hosting is required to host your website on a server; it is like having a house for your website on the internet. Maintaining the website includes managing the content, design, updates, and enhancements to the functionality. VA Techies is equipped to provide clients with both web hosting as well as on-going website maintenance giving clients one-stop for all their web related services.


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VA Techies also sends, replies, and receives emails on behalf of clients, taking care of all communication and correspondences related to the website.

Web applications/ CRM/ ERP

Web applications are programs that are stored in servers and delivered to those who access them over the internet through a browser interface. They are usually built using languages that are supported by the browser such as JavaScript and HTML. Web applications can be static, requiring no processing at the server or dynamic, which requires processing at the server-side. With the use of web applications, your company can shift from a traditional model to a cloud-based or grid model. VA Techies will help you streamline your business operations and processes, reduce expenses, and increase overall efficiency with the use of custom web applications.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is extremely important when it comes to building relationships with customers, retaining customers, and improving sales. Here, customer interactions, data, and patterns from different sources such as website, telephone, emails, chat, social media, and marketing material is studied and analyzed. VA Techies helps clients study and analyze their customers and improve business.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): This software helps integrate and streamline all business functions, processes, and information into one system. This includes accounting, inventory and order management, customer relationship management (CRM), and human resources. It uses a database that is shared among multiple divisions of a business who all want access to the same information. VA Techies also offers